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How Cars Have Changed in Ten Years

American's are buying fewer new cars than ever before.  Instead of purchasing every three to five years, they are now searching for a new vehicle every six to eight years!  For consumers, this may mean the vehicle they are moving into will have significant technological upgrades in comparison to the car they are leaving behind.  This can be exciting and confusing to new car owners.

If it has been almost a decade since your last new car purchase, you will need to perform a little research in preparation for your new driving experience. Take a look at the latest features below to learn more about what's new in auto technology to better ready yourself for your updated automobile.

The Latest Features:

Let us start from the beginning. Entering your vehicle and starting the ignition may no longer require physical use of your key. Many cars today will open, and start, at the push of the button when your car senses your key within the required range.  No more digging through your purse or pockets fumbling with your keys. Just walk up to your car, open the door, press the ignition button, and go!

Sitting inside of your new automobile may feel a little different with voice controls, touch screen control panels, heated steering wheels, and in-car apps that connect to your smart phone. All of these features are designed for optimum driver comfort and convenience.

Moving forward. Adaptive cruise control and forward collision avoidance systems both use sensors to slow down or alert the driver when they are getting too close to the vehicle in front of them.  Some vehicles even go as far as providing autonomous breaking, which is a feature just as it sounds - it automatically breaks to prevent or lesson impact.

Headlights are becoming technologically advanced too! Adaptive headlights allow the driver to see more clearly as they drive through a curve, and automatic high beams will dim your headlights to protect the visibility of the approaching vehicle's operator.

Backup cameras and sensors are now standard on many new cars, whereas they would previously have provided these features as an add-on only.  Additional features that are adding extra protection against blind spots is sideview assist, cross-traffic alert, and parking assist.  Sideview assist will alert you if you are getting to close to another vehicle or object; cross-traffic alert is similar to a backup sensor, but goes a step further by alerting you if a following vehicle travels too closely and/or is rapidly approaching; and parking assist may allow for you to take your hands off the wheel while your car parallel parks for you!

The above referenced features will vary between the vehicle and auto maker you choose from. Ask your auto dealer how to properly operate ALL of the features your new car offers.  Don't be afraid to slow him/her down if you are having difficulty following or if you feel you are being given a rushed overview.  It is important for your safety to be able to properly operate your vehicle.  Don't leave until you are confident you understand your car's features.


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